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保护移民社团 维护华人利益





Mingjing Immigrant Service is situated near San Francisco International Airport. Since it was founded in 1998, together with other white immigration attorneys, the service has won a lot of due legal-benefits for many of Chinese immigrants in the United States. It has been honored as a "perfect combination between the West and East wisdom". Its principal, Mr. Jersey Cheney is honest and warm-hearted to his clients and has been deeply trusted by his loyal clients.

Mingjing Immigrant Service enjoys a diverse pool of customers with different backgrounds from America as well from various places in China. "Quality Service and Customers First" will forever be our sole motto.

Mingjing Immigrant Service has acquired an immense amount of experience through hardworking and many years experiences. It has a very high success rate. We specializes in the fillings of various immigration forms and of many other legal documents in the court as well as the green card and citizen naturalization services, including translation and notary public documents, etc..

主理:Jersery J.Cheney (陈泽西)

Bond#23369138 (State of California)

LDA#0026 (San Francisco)
10 Rollins Road #119
Millbrae, CA 94030
Tel: (650)777-9108
Cell: (415)572-1270

(本移民顾问和法律文件助理不提供法律咨询;本所法律事务转由 John Burgess 律师负责美国夏威夷注册)
Disclaimer: We do not provide legal advices; All legal affairs will be transfered over to lawyer John Burgess, licensed in Hawaii.